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Halle Berry locks lips with late-night show comedian

Halle Berry stunned fans on late-night TV on Wednesday (May 22, 2019) by locking lips with actress and writer Lena Waithe on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Waithe, who was guest hosting the show, told fans she needed a little inspiration, so she pressed the ‘Berry Button’ and out came the sexy Oscar winner.

“I need some inspiration, OK?” Waithe said. “Like that Oscars speech you gave (in 2002); it got me hyped. I need you to give me some of that Halle Berry juice!”

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The Monster’s Ball star responded, “I know that you are a force of nature. You are a beautiful African-American queen going after everything that is hers! And, Lena, tonight you are a writer, an actor, a producer, and tonight you are a late-night comedienne and you’re about to slay!”

Halle then puckered up and locked lips with Waithe as the audience applauded, before adding, “Now you’re good!”

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