Halsey to release first book of poetry


Halsey is set to publish her first collection of poetry.

The Without Me singer announced the news on social media on Thursday (June 25, 2020), revealing she can’t contain her excitement.

“I wrote a few thousand sentences but am somehow struggling to string together a single one to summarize how excited I am about this,” she wrote. “I Would Leave Me If I Could, my first collection of poetry, is available for pre-order now.”

A summary reads: “In this debut collection, Halsey bares her soul. Bringing the same artistry found in her lyrics, Halsey’s poems delve into the highs and lows of doomed relationships, family ties, sexuality, and mental illness. More hand grenades than confessions, these autobiographical poems explore and dismantle conventional notions of what it means to be a feminist in search of power.”

Meanwhile, the singer’s on-off boyfriend Yungblud is also getting literary after announcing plans to release a new graphic novel.

Weird Times at Quarry Banks University, co-written by Ryan Sullivan, will be the second in a series of books, which launched last year (2019) with The Twisted Tales of the Ritalin Club.

“I wanted to amplify the idea that if you feel like you’re in a place where you don’t feel accepted, then come inside this world because here we love you for exactly who you are and we always will,” Yungblud said of his new project. “With my music and comics I always want to be disruptive, it’s important to me. If the art doesn’t challenge you it’s not gonna change you.”

An official description reads: “Now 18 and having graduated from Blackheart’s High School, Yungblud, plus his super-powered friends, Harmony, Scout, Zombie Joshua, Em, and Encore, are now enrolled as students at Quarry Bank University. At first, it seems like university life is all drugs, sex and relationship drama. But when a new foe with a familiar face arrives from the Manga Dimension, the Ritalin Club find themselves caught in a trap that may cost them their very lives!”

The graphic novel is available to pre-order.