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Hathaway credits parents with acting career

Hathaway grew up in New Jersey as the daughter of Kate McCauley, an actress who toured in a production of Les Miserables.

And The Devil Wears Prada star admits her parents’ emphasis on creativity encouraged her to perform.

She tells Britain’s GQ magazine, “We were focused on theatre. I never dreamt about being a star or having my name up in lights. Creativity was encouraged in our family household, embraced even. I would walk around singing all day, doing scenes, pretending all day long. My two brothers loved that. My parents never said, ‘Pipe down!’ or ‘Quit that racket!'”

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But the 27 year old insists she never longed to be a famous Hollywood star.

She adds, “I never had particularly romantic feelings about acting. My mother helped with that. I saw it as a job. An option.”

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