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Hayden Christensen’s Ex: ‘Sienna Is Messed Up’

Hayden Christensen‘s betrayed girlfriend Lola Skye has blasted Sienna Miller for stealing her partner–insisting the actress is “messed up.”

The brunette model, 21, had dated Christensen since she was 14, and he had recently supported her through an arduous cancer battle until she was pronounced clear of the disease last year.

But since he met Miller on the set of Factory Girl, Skye claims everything went wrong–and even when she travelled to London from the couple’s home in Toronto, Canada, to support him on the set of the movie, he sneaked out to meet Miller.

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She tells British newspaper the News of the World, “Hayden started to change horribly when he was working with Sienna. It was only later that I connected all the dots.

“While I was in London, Hayden kept disappearing. I had no reason to question where he was going. I can’t believe that the minute I was gone, he met up with her.

“He broke down and confessed that he had become involved with her, he said she had pushed him into it.

“She has a lot of problems, she has a messed up temper and she is so erratic, she’s just not the sort of person I want to be around.

“I hope she realises that not everyone is responsible for her ex-fiance’s cheating and that she doesn’t have to take it out on everyone else.”

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