Here Are America’s Favorite Movie Stars Of 2015

Film lovers probably have a good idea of who are the most beloved movie stars of the moment. However, you might be surprised to see just how there are ranked. Here are America’s favorite movie stars of 2015 according to The Harris Poll.

Julia Roberts
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During the '90s, Julia Roberts was America's sweetheart. With films like Pretty Woman and My Best Friend's Wedding, Roberts was everywhere. However, in the past few years, the 48-year-old actress has stepped away from the spotlight to spend time with her family; only taking on a project or two a year. Though her film August: Osage County opened to rave reviews in 2013, her only film in 2015, Secret in Their Eyes did not have the same success. Still, America remains nostalgic for classic Hollywood movie stars and Julia Roberts continues to be one of them. According to her IMBD, Roberts will be in two films this year. 2015 was quite an improvement for Roberts who didn't even crack the top ten for 2014.
Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt, Splash News, 012916
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Like Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt ruled the '90s. However, as of late, he has worked a great deal behind the scenes with his production company Plan B, which has released amazing projects like 12 Years a Slave. His 2015 projects were The Big Short and By the Sea. While The Big Short is Oscar nominated, By the Sea which was directed by Pitt's wife Angelina Jolie and it had very mixed reviews. Though he is only filming a couple of projects a year, America is not quite done with Pitt. Along with his upcoming releases for 2016, Pitt will also be in World War Z 2 which is slated for release in 2017. Still, this is a bit of a drop for Pitt who came in at number three for 2014.
Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood, Everett, 012916
First we shall take a moment to thank Clint Eastwood for creating the specimen that is Scott Eastwood, but that's neither here nor there. Though Clint Eastwood hasn't been onscreen since 2012's Trouble with the Curve he has kept his Hollywood legacy alive by directing critically acclaimed films including, American Sniper and J. Edgar. Still, Eastwood has dropped a bit on this list, back in 2014 he came in at number 6.
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Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence, Splash News, 012916
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It's no secret that Jennifer Lawrence has been literally everywhere over the past few years. Not only have her films been blockbuster hits, but she also seems super relatable IRL. It looks like JLaw will be slowing down a tad for 2016, with only a couple of projects slated for release. Lawrence also tied for seventh place in 2014.
Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock, Splash News, 012916
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Everyone adores Sandra Bullock, we've adored her for years and we will continue to adore her in the future. During the '90s Bullock definitely rivaled Julia Roberts for the position as America's sweetheart. Though Bullock's most recent film Our Brand Is Crisis wasn't exactly a success, Minions killed it at the box office. This is probably why Sandy came in at 6th place this year after not even breaking the top ten in 2014.
Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford, Splash News, 012916
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In 2015, Harrison Ford topped Samuel L. Jackson as the highest grossing actor in U.S. box office history. With the Indiana Jones and Star Wars franchises under his belt, Ford has continued to slay at the movies over several generations. In 2015, Ford went from number nine to number five on our favorite movie stars lists, we're thinking Star Wars: The Force Awakens had a lot to do with that.
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John Wayne
John Wayne, Everett, 012915
John Wayne made his last film in 1976 9three years before he passed away), but that doesn't stop him from being in the top five of America's favorite movie stars for 2015. Wayne, who was known best for his cowboy action films has dropped just slightly from being number two in 2014, but he still ranks as the favorite among men for 2015.
Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington, American Gangster,  Universal Pictures, 012916
Denzel Washington was awarded the Cecile B, DeMille award at the Golden Globes for very good reason, the Academy Award winner has played everyone from a drug-addicted airline pilot to Malcolm X. Though his last film, 2014's The Equalizer didn't exactly rake in the big bucks, people still stand for Washington as one of the most revered actors of our time. In 2014, Washington was the number one favorite movie star in America.
Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp, Splash News, 012916
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Johnny Depp's past few films haven't exactly been successes at the box office. However, because he's such a charismatic and commanding actor, we can forgive him for his sometimes questionable choices in film roles. With fan favorite roles like Edward Scissorshands and Captain Jack Sparrow we will always adore Johnny Depp. He's even up on the list this year from number four to number two.
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Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks, Everett, 012916
Tom Hanks has reigned king again. Hanks topped this list back in 2013, 2005, 2004 and 2002. Not only is Hanks a master on the big screen, he also seems like a gem of a human in real life. We love you Tom!!