Here’s What ‘Lizzie McGuire’s Crush Ethan Craft Is Up To Now

Back in middle school, we all had that one person who we were head over heels for. For Lizzie McGuire (her BFF Miranda and their nemesis Kate), that guy was the dreamy Ethan Craft. Admittedly, Ethan wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box, but his surfer boy good looks and his general sweet disposition made up for all of that… mostly. Since Lizzie McGuire wrapped in 2004, Clayton Snyder who played Ethan has continued to find sucess on televisions shows like NCIS and Rules of Engagement. However, Synder’s latest project is going to be super thrilling for both Lizzie McGuire and Disney Channel fans.

The 28-year old will be starring in the new Disney XD series Second Star, and he will be singing!!! Second Star is a musical series about three siblings who inherit their grandfather’s music studio. Synder will be playing the eldest brother who runs a coffee shop to keep the family afloat financially.



GUYS!! I’ve been involved with a Disney XD project, Second Star, and it’s going to be premiering on Maker TV this upcoming Tuesday, April 5, 4pm!! Here’s a blurb from our Facebook page on what the show’s about… “Second Star was created on the idea that a musical television show could employ quality radio-ready music, realistic character situations, and charming characters, while also exploring the relevant issues of life and growing up. Second Star does all that while also staying new and fresh every week, making it the perfect show for Disney XD.” I play the oldest of three musically-inclined siblings who inherit their grandfather’s recording studio, Second Star. With mom and dad out of the picture, I’ve been running a coffee shop to keep us afloat and keep us together. Family is everything… but so is music… And yes, I siiiing! It will help if you like the FB page (link in bio) and share with anyone else who may be interested! Thanks! Created by Richard Allen and co-starring Haley Michele Gorman @haleeymichele, Nickolas Eiter @nickolasmeiter, and Stephen Tyler Howell. #secondstar #disney #disneyxd #makertv


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Second Star will debut Tuesday April 5th at 4PM PT on Maker TV.