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Here’s Why Jane Fonda Was Arrested at 81 (for the fifth time)

She may be 82 now, but celeb Jane Fonda ain’t slowing down one bit.

The ageless actress and activist, an iconic celeb well known for her role in the hit show Grace and Frankie and the iconic feminist film 9 to 5, moved to Washington, D.C. in October 2019 to use her platform and influence to help fight climate change.

Shortly after her move, she was arrested.

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Fonda moved to D.C. to launch Fire Drill Fridays, a project in collaboration with Greenpeace and other allies that demands “a reckoning for those that profit at the expense of people and the planet,” including key players in the fossil fuel industry. A huge part of the project was centered around rallies every Friday demanding Congress pass the Green New Deal. Fire Drill Fridays was inspired by Greta Thunberg’s “Fridays For Future” global movement,

Not even two months after her move, Fonda was arrested alongside fellow celebs Sally Field, Ted Danson, Diane Lane, Piper Perabo, and Amber Valletta.

In a recent interview with the podcast Outrage & Optimism, she said that getting arrested was a very fulfilling form of protest because she was able to protest with her entire body.

As a celeb that has been outspoken about humanitarian issues for years, Fonda has made entertainment news headlines many times.

More recently, Fonda continues to actively work to fight climate change, shifting from in-person rallies to online ones during the pandemic. Anyone can join their weekly actions by texting JANE to 877-877.

Sustainability isn’t a passing trend for celebs. As Fonda has noticed, it’s a global movement for the benefit of people and planet–including everything you love about the entertainment capital of the world.

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