Hoult is still a single man

The A Single Man star is facing a lonely Valentine’s Day this year (14Feb10), because he’s currently too busy with his career to move into his own place.

And he admits even his own mum is disappointed by his lack of lovers.

Hoult explains, “I live at home with my mum and dad; that’s probably the main reason (why I’m single). It’s nice. To be honest with you, after a night out, it ends up me and a mate, or a couple of mates, walking around the streets thinking, ‘How did we let all the girls get away again?’ Then going back to my house, playing a bit of Rock Band (video game), falling asleep and then waking up with my mum coming down and being like, ‘Nick, who’s in there with you?’ I’ll be like, ‘Mark and George and Carl.’ She’ll say, ‘Aw.’ She always seems slightly disappointed! She wants to be the scary mum to make breakfast (for a girl the next morning).”