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Howard Stern Speaks of Spitting Horror

New York radio host Howard Stern has spoken of his terrifying confrontation with a homeless man who spat in his girlfriend Beth Ostrosky’s face at the weekend.

The shock jock, 52, and Ostrosky, 33, were walking in New York City following a meal on Saturday, when Gregory Forbes rushed up to the couple, shouting “Howard”, before threatening them.

Immediately after jumping into a nearby cab, the 50-year-old crazed fan spat through the window into Ostrosky’s face, before the couple managed to speed away.

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When Ostrosky was safe at home, Stern called police and scouted the streets looking for Forbes, who was promptly arrested and charged with menacing and harassment.

Speaking on his Sirius radio show April 3, Stern said, “The restaurant is four to five blocks from where we live, so I wanted to take a walk. What appeared to be this homeless guy approached me…

“I said, ‘How ya doing?’ or something, but then he started getting into my space. I couldn’t understand a f**king thing he was saying, because mostly he was incoherent. I mean, I don’t know if he’s got a weapon or what.

“So Beth hailed a cab. This guy comes over to the cab like he’s trying to jump through the window. And then, he spat in her face. She’s freaking out, of course.

“So we dropped her off at home and then I called 911. She wanted me to just stay there with her, but I said no, this guy’s dangerous, you can’t let this guy stay on the street.

“I did what any Good Samaritan would do. After Beth was okay, I felt obligated to find him, because he could do something to someone else.”

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