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Hugh Grant is Please He’s Too Old for Rom Coms

Hugh Grant is glad he is no longer offered lead roles in romantic comedies.

The British actor made his name in the 1990s by playing a string of bumbling charmers in hit comedies including Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill.

However, Hugh is pleased romantic roles have dried up as he’s got older, as he can focus on choosing more serious film projects.

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“You stop being offered the romantic leads,” he told the BBC. “They’re difficult to do without being dull or naff. So, when you start getting offered roles that are more nuanced and with darker notes and more colour, it’s a relief.”

In recent years, Hugh, 57, has taken more demanding parts in dramas like Cloud Atlas and Florence Foster Jenkins, but his latest movie is the family-friendly sequel Paddington 2.

Hugh plays fading actor Phoenix Buchanan in the new film, a part he loved taking on as it parodies the arrogance and insecurities of thespians like himself.

“I rejoiced in lampooning the crazy psychosis of every actor,” he explained. “The incredible narcissism, self-love, and insecurity. Deep down, that’s all acting is.”

Expanding on his ambivalent feelings towards acting, he added, “I’ve always been equivocal about acting, to say the least, and I still am. It’s torture really. The insecurity is unbearable. The fear of failing. Even Ben Whishaw (who voices film’s protagonist, Paddington Bear) asked which part of the job I enjoyed. I said, ‘None of it really,’ and he said, ‘No, nor me!'”

Paddington 2, which also stars Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Jim Broadbent and Brendan Gleeson, debuts in cinemas on Friday (10Nov17).

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