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Hugh Jackman issues warning over social media impersonators

Hugh Jackman has warned his fans not to send money to fraudsters impersonating him on social media.

In a statement posted on his social media accounts on Sunday (25Mar18), The Greatest Showman star explained that scammers were approaching his followers and asking for personal information.

“I’m aware that people are pretending to be me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook,” he wrote. “Please do not respond, give money or your personal information. My official handle, on each site, has a blue checkmark. I am working from my end to stop these folks as best as possible.”

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The 49-year-old actor also thanked those who had brought the matter to his attention.

Hugh is not the only star to have been impersonated by online fraudsters lately, as on Monday fellow Australian Russell Crowe jokingly warned fans on Twitter, “Don’t be fooled by imposters (sic) … even though I’m actually an imposter as a career… i (sic) am the actual imposter not an imposter of the imposter.”

Last month (Feb18), Idris Elba issued his own plea to fans not to be taken in by false requests for cash.

“The way social media is set up, people can set up profiles and pretend to be whoever they want, and what’s happening, as a result, is that people are faking celebrities, public figures and asking for money, and getting that money,” Idris explained in a video posted on Instagram. “They’re getting that money from people that are working hard, that like a certain public figure and want to support whatever they’re supporting and getting ripped off.”

The Pacific Rim actor warned fans that if celebrities wanted to raise money for a specific cause, they would do so through official channels.

Other celebrities who have been forced to issue warnings about scammers using their identity recently include Oprah Winfrey and Robert Downey Jr.

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