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Hugh Jackman trolls Ryan Reynolds in hilarious coffee ad

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds’ playful feud has brewed up again for a new coffee ad.

The X-Men star called on Reynolds to appear in a promo for his Laughing Man coffee brand, which highlights a day in the life of the Australian actor.

“This is Hugh Jackman, noted humanitarian,” Reynolds narrates footage of Jackman waking up and throwing his alarm clock at a wall. The rest of the shots feature Jackman misbehaving, being rude to pets and children, and brooding in a depressive state, all while Reynolds sarcastically praises him as a “goodwill ambassador”.

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But after taking a sip of Laughing Man coffee, he turns into, “the Hugh Jackman we know and love”.

Reynolds closes out his voiceover by referring to the product as “the nicest f**king coffee on earth”.

While Jackman’s reputation takes a knock in the ad, he is actually using the coffee venture for a good cause, with 100 percent of profits benefiting fair trade farmers around the world.

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The pair’s friendly feud began when Ryan tried his best to convince the actor to reprise his role as Marvel character Wolverine one more time for a future Deadpool movie after Hugh announced 2017’s Logan would be his last outing as the X-Men mutant. The two stars have since poked fun at and pulled pranks on each another in a long-running series of hilarious social media skits.

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