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Huppert’s Streetcar slated by French theatre critics

Huppert is receiving some of the worst reviews of her career in director Krzysztof Warlikowski’s experimental production of the drama, called Un Tramway.

The play, at the Theatre de l’Odeon, includes video projection and techno music – but has been hammered by critics, who have called the production “a vain exercise in style”.

A review in Le Monde newspaper reads, “(It’s like watching) puppets act out, not human beings live…. One leaves this Streetcar saying: what was the point?”

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And the Agence France Presse has dubbed the production “A Streetcar named disappointment.”

The AFP critic reports the estate of Tennessee Williams did not authorise the use of the play’s full title for this production, because the playwright’s family members didn’t approve of the liberal nature of the adaptation.

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