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Introducing Elijah Noll And His Beautiful Urban Sounds

Elijah NollAnthony Trevino

Elijah Noll has departed from his singer-songwriter roots to make an electronic and powerful sound on his new project, ELIJAH. While currently residing in the Chicago area, he draws inspiration from his music through the urban landscapes and beauty of the nature around him.

He’s just released his debut single, “Poison,” and it’s an ambient sound of synths and impactful percussion. We think it’s a song that really highlights the power behind his vocals. He’s said this about his song:

“I wrote this track after a pretty crazy night when many bad decisions were made. It’s about forever giving into your temptation, then getting stuck in a loop where you don’t stop being reckless. It’s not long until that recklessness isolates you, and ruins others. All the while, it feels so good.”

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