10 Irish Actors You Wish You Were Spending St. Patrick’s Day With

Our Irish eyes are smiling just looking at these guys. Praise be to St. Patrick (or whoever) for these Irish hotties. We wish we were lucky enough to spend St. Patrick’s Day with just one of these dudes from the Emerald Isle. We think it’s fair to say they’re, um, magically delicious.

1. Colin Farrell


Who wouldn’t want to have a pint with Colin? He’s like the ultimate Irish bad boy.

2. Michael Fassbender


We’d gladly take him as our lucky charm. 

3. Jonathan Rhys Meyers


Who needs a pot of gold when you’ve got him?

4. Jamie Dornan


More like Fifty Shades of Green, amirite?

5. Daniel Day-Lewis


Role playing with this guy must be really intense. We’d love to see what DDL is like just being himself at a pub.

6. Liam Neeson


If you’ve seen Taken, you know Liam’s still got it!

7. Allen Leech


This Trinity College-trained actor won our hearts, along with Lady Sybil’s, in Downton Abbey.  

8. Colin O’Donoghue


We’ve never been so attracted to Captain Hook. Ever since we saw this Irish actor play the Peter Pan villain on Once Upon a Time, we were, um, hooked.

9. Stuart Townsend


He used to date Charlize Theron. Why she let him go, we’ll never know.

10. Pierce Brosnan


Spending St. Patrick’s Day with a former James Bond? Sounds like a rollicking good time!

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