J Balvin clarifies Latin Grammys stance as debate heats up


J Balvin has taken the time to explain the Latin Grammys controversy to fans, after the organization was slammed for not including any urban acts in the major categories.

Artists such as Balvin and Daddy Yankee weren’t included in the Record of the Year, Song of the Year, or Album of the Year categories when the nominations were announced on Tuesday (September 24, 2019) – despite the fact they dominated streaming services over the past year.

Many singers took to social media to express their frustration with the situation, but Balvin took it one step further as he did his best to explain to fans what the phrase ‘Without reggaeton, there are no Latin Grammys’, which had gone viral following the nominations, actually means.

“I know there’s a lot being said about reggaeton and the phrase ‘without reggaeton there is no Latin GRAMMYs,’” Balvin said in a video message. “It is a very strong statement. I’m taking the time to explain what it means because if I don’t, it will come across as if we think other genres or artists aren’t important. That’s not at all what we are trying to say.

“What we want to say is, they (the Latin Recording Academy) utilize our media power because we drive the masses. But, that doesn’t mean that because we have such a strong following that our music is the best, or the best produced, or the best written. But, there is a history that dates back many years, where our genre has been denigrated.”

Continuing to explain that his issue stems from the categorization of nominations, and he also doesn’t agree with Latin Grammy bosses inviting acts such as himself to perform when they aren’t up for any awards, in a bid to boost ratings.

Concluding his video, Balvin said: “I’m doing this video so that there is no confusion. I’m not OK with the way (the Latin Recording Academy) is qualifying our reggaeton music but that doesn’t mean that I’m not in agreeance with other musical genres or that I don’t support other artists that are shining bright in the Latin GRAMMY Awards space.”