EXCLUSIVE: Jason Dohring Talks ‘The Tomorrow People,’ Stunt Work and More

Jason Dohring, The Tomorrow PeopleThe CW

The Tomorrow People star Jason Dohring gets to the bottom of it all…Who is Killian McCrane? How real are those action scenes?  What is it really like working up close and personal with Luke Mitchell?

How would you describe your character Killian McCrane?

I think it’s best described that Killian is sort of a dark version of John, so as cool as John is there’s a nastier evil side to this guy and they’re both children of Jedikiah, both growing up at Ultra. Although coming from a similar place we arrive in different places. John is trying to stop him from killing humans and this mass terror that he is trying to inflict and I think John is the only one who could stop him.

How many actions scenes do we get with McCrane? 

Probably 2 or 3 but they’re good. It’ll be an action-packed episode. I was so over confident when I went in, I was like, ‘I do my own stunts,’ but it was absolutely not what I expected. It was very Matrix, close fighting, punching, and catching.

We were rehearsing one day early in the morning and I heard a kind of commotion. Luke Mitchell was working with his stunt guy and grabs his head and has a cut on his forehead and had to go to the hospital for stitches. It was gnarly man, if you weren’t paying attention you could really get hurt. That’s why they devote so much time beforehand, you’ll get together 3 days before your fight scene and they go over the choreography. So you run it over and over, it was very unique.

So you typically like these types of scenes?

Oh my gosh, yeah. It was the craziest stunt work I have ever done in my life by far. You have, 40 seconds of dialogue then I’m blasted with air then we fight, then we stop, then he goes flying across the room and I kill this other guy. It’s just crazy.

Why has McCrane come out of hiding? Can you tell us when he’ll be disappearing again?

He had to settle his thoughts and what he arrived at is the human race must die because all the drugs and experiments that were inflicted on him at Ultra equaled something done by humans equaled humans have to be destroyed, that type of thinking. So he comes out with an agenda to wipe out all the people that could destroy him. Goes on a terror rampage and John tries to stop him.

How was it working with the cast of The Tomorrow People?

Well, Luke is so handsome, first of all (chuckles). It’s cool because they’re really into the show, which is fantastic. You can see 100% effort and you can see 70% effort and they wanted to do all their fight stuff, giving it 100%. They’re very professional and they really care about what they’re doing.

The Tomorrow People airs tonight, October 30, at 9PM ET on The CW.