Ray J Casts Kim Kardashian Lookalike in ‘I Hit It First’ Video Because Duh

Credit: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Ray J, rapper and star of Kim Kardashian’s infamous sex tape, has released the music video for his new song, “I Hit It First.” Seeing as the song is not even a thinly veiled criticism of Ms. Kardashian’s current relationship with Kanye West (“She might move on to rappers and ball players” — come on), it’s not surprising that Ray J has cast a Kim K. lookalike as his leading lady. 

We may not see his costar’s face until the 1:06 mark in the video, but the myriad shots of a bodacious silhouette and long brunette pony tail says it all. That the woman in the video also shares Kim’s cheekbones and smoldering eyes is just icing on the cake. 

The real zinger comes in the video’s final seconds, when we see Ray J lounging on the couch with Kardashian’s E! reality show playing in the background. 

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