Jennifer Aniston surprises hospital staff with $10,000 food delivery coupons


Jennifer Aniston teamed up with U.S. late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel to gift a Utah nurse and each member of her team a $10,000 Postmates gift card.

Kimmel is currently filming his late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! from his home during the ongoing lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, and on Thursday (April 2, 2020) he helped Friends star Aniston spread some joy to one superfan.

Appearing on the show via video link, the actress confessed being stuck at home had been a challenge, after spending the past three weeks in isolation.

In the final segment of her appearance, the star helped surprise a fan named Kimball Fairbanks – a cardiovascular nurse in Utah and who contracted COVID-19 last week.

Fairbanks had to stop working so she could self-isolate and is currently in quarantine without her two daughters. To help her along the way, however, the two stars surprised her with a $10,000 gift card to food delivery service Postmates – as well as additional gift cards for every nurse on her floor at the hospital.

Visibly stunned by the gesture, she simply responded, “Wow,” shaking her head in disbelief.

Advice from World Health Organization (WHO) officials urges people to stay indoors and practice social distancing, in a bid to prevent further spread of the virus.