Jennifer Lopez And 29-Year-Old Boy Toy Casper Smart Call It Quits

Jennifer Lopez Casper Smart Breakup

For Jennifer Lopez, a breakup is like the common cold. It occurs every so often (more often than she’d probably like), and it’s unpleasant, but after a couple days, she’s back at it in skin-tight dresses showing off all of her assets like nothing ever happened. 

For Jennifer Lopez, Casper Smart is just little tiny cold that has run its course. Isn’t that what most men in their 20s are anyway — especially to a successful, older woman like J-Lo? She doesn’t need a man holding her back, and it looks like Smart won’t be tying Jenny down anymore because they’re officially over.

Apparently, J-Lo split from her longtime, 29-year-old boyfriend because he ditched her to hang out with his friends (he’s in his 20’s, girl! What did you expect?). 

“He snubbed her by passing on a fancy Hamptons charity event in favor of hanging with his boys at UFC 202,” a source told TMZ

As soon as he passed on the event, J-Lo dumped him without any real explanation. She was simply over it. 

J-Lo and Smart have split before and always found their way back to each other, which is why Smart isn’t really taking this breakup seriously. Apparently, while he was enjoying the UFC fight with his bros, he was telling everyone he was going to meet up with Jennifer in New York on Sunday. 

According to a different report from Peoplethe couple has been done for a few weeks now. A source told the magazine: “Jennifer and Casper have split. They have not been together for a few weeks. It wasn’t anything dramatic and they were on good terms – it just came to a natural end.”

Whatever it may be, it sounds like Jenny didn’t give the breakup a chance to be dramatic. She’s a woman who knows what she wants and that doesn’t appear to be Casper, at least if he’s prioritizing his friends over her. If you get to be with J-Lo (who by the way, no one can believe is actually 47), you better cherish the ground she walks on.