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Jennifer Lopez Makes Donor Plea

Generous superstar Jennifer Lopez is urging New Yorkers of Hispanic descent to donate bone marrow in a bid to save the life of a young Latina suffering from blood cancer.

The Maid in Manhattan actress is desperate to save 29-year-old Janet Ovalles, and is harnessing her celebrity power to inspire potential donors.

A transplant is Ovalles’ only chance of survival, according to concerned doctors at bone marrow donor center DKMS.

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She says, “I am a young Hispanic woman, so is Janet. I could empathize with her situation so much.”

DKMS spokeswoman Katharina Harf says, “It’s been very hard to recruit Hispanic bone marrow donors, but with Jennifer’s help we really feel we can get the Hispanic community on board.”

Ovalles is delighted by Lopez‘s concern, but insists only a matching donor has the power to save her: “I am a walking time bomb. If I don’t find a donor, I will die.”

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