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Jerry O’Connell avoiding sex talk with young daughters


Actor Jerry O’Connell is dreading the day he’ll have to discuss sex with his twin daughters.

The Scream 2 actor shares eight-year-old girls Dolly and Charlie with his wife Rebecca Romijn, and he cringes at the thought of discussing the birds and the bees with his kids when their teenage years loom.

“I was hoping they can learn it from an episode of Pretty Little Liars on Freeform or something,” he quips during an interview for website Ask Men.

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Jerry reveals his wife of nine years is the disciplinarian parent at home and he insists she would be better equipped to handle informing their children about important subject matters like sex and dating.

“I would rather my wife deal with that,” he notes. “I don’t want to say anything that might make the girls want to rebel.”

In anticipation of the harrowing day when his daughters start to bring home potential suitors they want to date, O’Connell has adopted a “good cop” strategy for how to handle the awkward situations – and he is convinced his twins will do the opposite of anything he gives a thumbs up to.

“If I really didn’t want them to date someone, I would probably just have to act like I really like them,” he said. “If I really like them then (the girls) would go, ‘Oh well there really must be something wrong with this guy.’”

However, upon further reflection, Jerry changed his mind about allowing his daughters to date anyone at all in the future, declaring, “They can date boys when I’m dead.”

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