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Jerry Orbach Took Mob Boss Killer Secret to the Grave

Late Law & Order star Jerry Orbach took a secret to the grave with him–he knew the identity of a Mafia mob boss killer and refused to tell.

The beloved Dirty Dancing star refused to co-operate with police, even though he was an eye witness to the murder of Joseph ‘Crazy Joey’ Gallo, right up until his death last year.

Retired homicide investigator Joseph Coffey has told tabloid National Enquirer that Orbach and Gallo were friends when the actor was a big name in Broadway in 1972, and was with the mob boss when he was gunned down.

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But Coffey insists he wasn’t able to close the case because Orbach refused to name the killer. The retired cop says, “You’d think he would have wanted to help us solve it (the case). However, when I brought him in for questioning Orbach dummied up.

“I don’t think he was afraid that the mob would take revenge on him if he talked. I think he was just afraid it would ruin his career.”

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