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Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company recalls baby wipes


Jessica Alba and her The Honest Company partners are pulling their baby wipes from stores due to a mould risk.

The company, which was co-founded by the actress, prides itself on safe, chemical-free products aimed at children and families. A message from company bosses, released on Monday (15May17), revealed the recall includes products sold only in the U.S. and Canada. The recall was put into effect “out of abundance of caution”, with executives stressing it is unlikely that the mould is a danger to consumers, who are being asked to return relevant items to their place of purchase for a full refund.

This is not the first drama Alba, 36, and her The Honest Company partners have faced – in January (17), company executives were forced to recall an organic baby powder due to skin irritation concerns, and bosses also faced a $5 million class action lawsuit in 2015 when consumers alleged the firm’s SPF 30 sunscreen was not only ineffective but caused burns. That case is still pending, but the sunscreen’s ingredients have since been modified.

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And last spring (16), bosses at the Minnesota-based Organic Consumers Association sued The Honest Company’s top executives, alleging that some ingredients in their organic baby formula were not organic. In December (16), the Los Angeles Superior Court dismissed that suit, but attorneys for the Organic Consumers Association have filed an appeal.

Though Jessica continues to work regularly in TV and film, she admits she spends most of her time at The Honest Company’s enormous new office space in Playa Vista, California.

In April (17), she proudly showed off the firm’s new headquarters to Architectural Digest, noting, “I never think of myself as ‘Jessica Alba the Actress’ unless I’m going to a premiere of a movie and someone is asking me for my autograph. Outside of that, I always think of myself as ‘Jessica who works at The Honest Company‘.”

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