Jimmy Kimmel Aligns The Stars For a Perfect 10th Annual “After The Oscars Special”

For the last 10 years, if you’ve been able to stay awake after the Academy Awards telecast ended (late, as always), Jimmy Kimmel Live! has had an “After The Oscars Special” for all to enjoy. Last night for the 10th anniversary, Jimmy pulled out all the celebrity stops he could and it was pretty impressive.

He opened the show with a hilarious sketch featuring Oscars host Neil Patrick Harris:


Despite his hectic Oscars schedule and Vanity Fair after party commitment, NPH managed to stop for a hug and time to babysit.

There was a special edition of “Lie Witness News”, which proved people will literally lie about anything:


Angelina Jolie as Rosa Parks? Sexiest movie adaptation that woman has ever seen, obviously. 

The real icing on the cake from last night’s show, however, was the two part special jam-packed with celebrities, like first-time Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne and more:



Jeez Eddie, why don’t you sound British enough? You’re from there! Only Jimmy Kimmel could get Jennifer Aniston to agree to a dis-trust fall and make it funnier than we could have hoped for.


On Top of having a series of hilarious pre-taped sketches, Jimmy also had J.K. Simmons on the show, after his very first Oscar win – “I did it baby! I did it Jimmy!” Subsequently, Jimmy made him share it with him. Jimmy also brought out the man who has been ridiculed since last years Oscars name flub – Adele Dazeem – John Travolta. John broke down just how many parties he had to attend and what dancing he’d be getting up to.


As much as we loved last night’s 10th annual special, we still think that this skit is the best thing Jimmy Kimmel has ever done.

5th Annual “After The Oscars Special” – “Handsome Men’s Club”:


“Wow, you’re Handsome. You’re perfect. You’re incredible. You are one good looking son of a bitch. Good job mom. Amazing. Holy shit.”