Johnny Depp Wants to be a Rock Star? What He Can Learn from His Movies

Johnny DeppOn Sunday night, Johnny Depp graced the stage of the 2012 MTV Movie Awards to receive the establishment’s tribute prize, the Generation Award. In his acceptance speech, Depp joked that the honor would be more accurately titled the “Get Out of the Business Award.” While critics of Depp’s recent work are plentiful, the actor’s success on the big screen is hardly on the decline. However, if it does so happen that Depp finds himself getting out of the movie biz, he has another high profile career on the back burner: music.

After being named the victor of the Generation Award, Depp joined The Black Keys to perform the band’s “Gold on the Ceiling,” which you can watch below. The band and Depp also performed and “Lonely Boy.”

The actor’s inclusion in these numbers shouldn’t be a surprise to Depp fans; the actor, a die hard Keith Richards fan, has been involved in the world of music on numerous occasions. He is a member of the band P — which includes, among its members, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea and the Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones.

Depp has teamed with the band Oasis, and has appeared in music videos for artists like Paul McCartney (alongside Natalie Portman), Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and Avril Lavigne. Most recently, Depp collaborated with longtime friend Marilyn Manson on a cover of Carly Simon‘s classic “You’re So Vain.”

So, if Depp wants a music career, he can have one. Of course, he shouldn’t forget his movie history entirely. As a matter of fact, there is plenty of inspiration he can take from his onscreen characters to foray into the world of music:

Depp can explore the genre of folk music, as inspired by his role in the movie Chocolat

Depp can get in on the Broadway game, like he did in Sweeney Todd (and if he doesn’t pan out onstage, he can get work as a demon barber)…

There’s always deejaying, with which Depp experimented (in a way) in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

But let’s just hope Alice in Wonderland won’t influence Depp’s musical stylings…

Some of Depp’s other movies are rife with musical fertility as well. According to What’s On Stage, the actor’s 2004 biopic Finding Neverland has sparked talks of a United Kingdom stage musical, with Gwyneth Paltrow mentioned to star.Although nobody is pulling for Depp to throw in the towel as an actor, at least he’ll be able to make an equally star-powered living, center stage during an powerful ballad.

[Photo Credit: David Edwards/Daily Celeb]

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