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Johnson defends 11-year-old’s tough language in new movie

Young Chloe Moretz uses the ‘C’ word in the R-rated action film, in which she plays tough-talking Hit-Girl – and her language has become a big issue for politically correct watchdogs.

Even the child star, who is now 13, admits she wouldn’t be allowed to get away with the language she uses in the film at home, but co-star Johnson has no problems with the script – and wants critics to look past the expletives and see a talented young actress with a very bright future.

He says, “The controversy is bizarre because we put an R rating on this movie; a certificate that says this is what this content is.

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“I mean, on the radio you have Rhianna playing where it’s like, ‘Come on rude boy can you get it up/Are you big enough?/Come on take it, take it; that’s what love is…’ – there’s eight-year-old girls singing songs like that! I think that’s more controversial than something like Kick-Ass.

“Then there’s the mothers who’ll complain and then take their daughters to beauty pageants. These kids are gonna be f**ked up by the time they’re 16, all wanting to get face-lifts. Or they play with a plastic Barbie doll and think that’s what you’re supposed to look like when you grow up.

“It’s all wrong. That’s controversial to me. The fact that the critics can’t look past that and see a talented and brilliant actress is beyond me. They’re just stupid people.”

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