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Jon Voight Hails Daughter Angelina Jolie for Beating Hollywood

Jon Voight has hailed his estranged daughter Angelina Jolie for using her super stardom to help disadvantaged people, and not falling into the Hollywood vanity trap.

The Midnight Cowboy actor, who famously fell out of favor with Jolie after he publicly criticized her, is disgusted by the way society turns film stars into demigods.

But the 67-year-old is proud his daughter, who is expecting her first biological child with boyfriend Brad Pitt, uses her fame to draw attention to globally important issues.

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He tells the New York Post, “All of us break the rules, the Ten Commandments. We set up idols. We’re not supposed to have idols.

“What do movie stars do with all that success, money, white-hot spotlight and fame? It’s distortion. An unnatural state.

Angie has found a way. She’s overcoming it with causes. Investing her celebrity to help others.

“Look, Hollywood stars aren’t up all night with sick kids or troubled husbands because, ‘If I don’t get sleep, I won’t look good.’ Beauty is their god.”

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