Jon Voight Thinks Hillary Supporters Should ‘Calm Down’ After Trump Win

jon voight

While many people of color, members of the LGBTQ, women and Muslims feel physically unsafe after Trump won the presidential race, Jon Voight is sitting cozy. He pretty much thinks all those Donald Trump naysayers need to “calm down.”

Jon Voight, the Academy and Golden Globe Award-winning actor (who’s also dad to Angelina Jolie), understands how Trump naysayers feel. He gets you, guys. He totally understands your fear and anger because he felt the same way when Mitt Romney lost. It was, like, totally the same thing.

“I was deeply pleased by the election,” he told THR“To those people who are heartsick, I felt the same way when Mitt Romney lost. Just calm down, let not your heart be troubled, this man is going to be a wonderful president.”

Because asking a bunch of people to calm down who are now worrying for their right to marry, control their own body, have healthcare and live in a country regardless of their religion, totally helps everyone calm down. We feel so totally chill now.

For Voight, it’s all about the jobs. “We’re going to see results very quickly. People need jobs in this country and that’s one thing he’s gonna address immediately, taking some of the pressure off small businesses and middle class, and let the economy flourish a little bit. We need it desperately,” he said.

Voight swears we’re going to get results. Trump is going to hire very qualified, competent people — just like how he chose a guy who doesn’t believe in global warming to head the EPA and that woman who laughed on national TV about Janice Dickinson’s dad being a pedophile to head African American relations (but really, who better to help him make his Burn Book). 

“If you listen to the propaganda about him, you never get to the real Donald,” he said. “You have to feel heartened that this is a very, very smart man who chooses the people around him very wisely and knows how to assign responsibility.”

He’s also not sweating the fact that the Donald is currently undergoing multiple lawsuits for sexual assault and has said absolutely horrific, disgusting things about women in general. He’s not sexist. 

“[Trump]  hires more women than almost anybody else in his business and puts them in leadership positions, not just because they’re women but because they’re the most qualified for the job,” he said.

He reiterates, in conclusion, that everyone just needs to calm down: “Take it easy. I feel for you because I’ve been there, too. But we’re gonna work through this because we’re all Americans, and it’s gonna be a good time, these next four years.”

Ugh, dude. Come on. Your whiteness is showing. 

To sum up our feelings:


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