Joseph Gordon-Levitt Played Drums On A Subway Platform And No One Noticed

You know those people playing music in the subway that we more or less tend to ignore? Well open your eyes because it could be Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

In a video released by our beloved JGL, the actor lays down a mini red carpet, sets up his drums and begins to play, all while decked out in a super sharp suit. The video is part of Gordon-Levitt’s recent project for his production company Hit Record. The project, titled “Everyday, Spectacular,” urges artists, musicians and performers to go out into the world and make an everyday situation a spectacular moment.

Of course,  JGL slamming on some drums is indeed spectacular, but you’d have to know it was the actor in the first place to get the brilliance of it. The funny thing about his experiment — other than the fact that people apparently actually do use the L.A. subway system (who knew?) — was that no one really noticed him at all. Someone did compare him to Pee-wee Herman, which we could totally see, but guys, it’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt! Excuse me because I’d be hyperventilating and fangirling if I was on that subway platform. Actually, I probably wouldn’t notice at all because no one pays attention to street performers over their Spotify playlist anyway.

Watch the video of Gordon-Levitt’s performance above!