Julia Child Loves Chocolate Balls, Gets Autotuned for 100th Birthday — VIDEO

Did you know that tomorrow is the day that would’ve marked the 100th birthday of cooking queen Julia Child? It is! And to celebrate the brassiest broad to ever brine a bird, PBS (home to many of Child’s television iterations) created a video homage to the Queen of culinary conviviality herself.

Made perhaps more famous thanks to a wonderful portrayal by Meryl Streep in Nora Ephron‘s 2009 film, Julie and Julia, Child has been a icon in the food world for decades. Her can-do attitude was matched only by her ability to make things that once seemed daunting (have you ever tried to make a boeuf bourguignon or a successful soufflé that didn’t collapse upon thought?) into not only a joy to eat, but a pleasure to cook.

In the culinary universe, one must not flambé the masters, but rather savor their hard work and not mince words about their talents. So it must be said that Child was one of the greats, and her talent for cooking was second only to her irreverent attitude towards life. Passion! Love! An empty stomach! Those were the keys to great cooking. Oh, and fat. Lots and lots of fat. Check out the video below, as it will probably be the only time you’ll hear Child sing the words “chocolate balls” ever again in life. Bon Appétit!

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