Justin Bieber recounts awkward first meeting with Hailey Baldwin


Justin Bieber has revisited his awkward first encounter with wife Hailey Baldwin in a new docuseries, revealing she had no interest in him.

The singer opens up about his marriage to the model in Seasons, and notes their initial interaction back in 2009 was anything but an instant love connection.

In footage from the show, actor Stephen Baldwin introduced his daughter to the Baby hitmaker backstage before an early morning show appearance.

“She did not want to be there,” Justin recalls. “For most young girls back in the day, it was like, ‘Let’s go see Justin Bieber. Tight.’ She got there and her eyes were closed… She didn’t care at all.”

But the pair reconnected and dated on and off from 2015, before tying the knot in September 2018. Looking back, Baldwin reveals her connection with the pop star can be traced back years.

“It all happened really fast and kind of all at once,” Hailey says of their whirlwind romance. “Him and I’ve known each other for so long that there was a part of it that didn’t feel scary but it was such a big life decision that… it was so much emotion all at one time.”

She adds, “He’s the first person I ever had real feelings for. When things went south for a little bit and we went our separate ways, I just knew that no matter what the outcome was going to be, I knew that he was going to be somebody I loved for the rest of my life.”