Justin Bieber & Taylor Swift Collaboration: What Will It Be Called?

ALTJustin Bieber sure loves his collaborations. On his upcoming album, Believe, the Biebs has already partnered with Drake, Kanye West, Usher and Timbaland. But you best believe (heh) he hasn’t stopped there. During an interview with the UK’s Capital FM Radio, he revealed that he did a song with pop/country princess Taylor Swift for the album as well.

The collaboration makes sense: The Biebs is regarded for singing about broken hearts to first kisses, while Swift is infamous for adapting her relationships, and especially ex-relationships, into song form. With the possibility of so much dirty laundry making its way to our radios, we couldn’t help but brainstorm song songs the duo could sing. Swift and Biebs, here are a couple of titles that belong with you.

“Ex-Boyfriend: The Remix”

First of all, remixes are always awesome. If they chose to do a remix, however, Bieber would have to drop the sweet, innocent message of the original “Boyfriend.” Instead, Swift and Bieber could sing a “The Boy Is Mine”-style duet feud in which the two singers argue over a recent relationship. After all, Swift has never said a kind word about any of her exes (unless you count her supposed claim in “December” that she regrets losing Taylor Lautner. It’s just more fun to pick on John Mayer, right Taylor?). Still, who would be the target of this composition? Bieber is still overdosing on PDA with his girlfriend Selena Gomez, who also happens to be Swift’s bestie, while Swift has a few different men she could focus on: Chord Overstreet, who she was briefly rumored to be dating in 2011, or even Jake Gyllenhaal, who picked up the title of Swift’s most confusing boyfriend.

Possible lyrics directed at Jake to the tune of Bieber’s “Boyfriend”:

Swift sings: “You were my boyfriend, I had to let you go / Threw you off my arm boy, now you’re alone / You were a gentleman, but I didn’t want you / You were my boyfriend, I had to let you go, I had to let to you go.”

Bieber (posing as Gyllenhaal) sings: “I tried to be everything you wanted / Hey girl, but now I don’t want to talk to you” (Now that we look at that last lyric, this is a song more fit for Ryan Gosling.)

“Dedicated to Kanye”

Swift’s song “You Belong With Me” was an instant hit when it was released — but then the 2009 VMAs happened. Kanye West famously interrupted her acceptance speech for Best Female Video, incurring the wrath of every American with a television and Swift song on their iTunes. And wouldn’t you know it — Justin Bieber introduced Swift at the VMAs, so he was there when during her zeitgeist moment. Now, maybe he can help Taylor get revenge.

With the tune of “You Belong With Me” in mind, here are the possible lyrics for this collaboration:

Swift Sings: “I’m on the stage, It’s a typical Awards night / I’m saying thank you, something you don’t like / Because Beyonce wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts / She’s music captain, you think I belong on the bleachers / Well, I’m dreaming of the day you’ll find / Someone serving you your own lines”

Bieber sings: “Kanye, I’m your buddy, but no one understands you / Amber Rose couldn’t see / You belongggggg with Kim / You belongggggg with Kim”

Hey, and if Swift and Bieber decide to turn their song into a video, we will probably see Bieber doing the Dougie as Swift lets teardrops fall on her guitar in the background. Now wouldn’t that be precious?


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