Justin Bieber’s Monkey Is Officially German. Gluckwunsche!

 Credit: Instagram

Remember the saga of Justin Bieber’s capuchin monkey (like you could actually forget even if you tried…)? Looks like it ended Tuesday with a kind-of-happy ending… at least for Germany and the monkey.

Mally the monkey was seized by German customs on March 28 when Bieber failed to show the required vaccination and import papers upon landing in Munich. Authorities issued an order on Tuesday officially transferring ownership of the animal to Germany since the pop star missed a deadline to send the documents, customs spokesman Thomas Meister told the Huffington Post.

Bieber has six weeks to contest this decision, but since he already missed the important deadline to keep ownership of Mally, something tells us he won’t be trying too hard to overturn the order. Mally, you’re officially German! Glückwünsche (that’s German for “Congratulations”)!

Mally is going to be sent to a German zoo and Meister said a bill for Mally’s care – which he estimated at several thousand dollars – would be sent to Bieber. That seems fair.

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