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Kate Winslet Wants to Act into Her Nineties

Kate Winslet plans to continue acting well into her nineties.

The British actress made her movie debut over two decades ago and it was films such as Titanic and biopic Iris that propelled her into stardom, while her performance in World War II drama The Reader won her an Oscar in 2009.

The 42-year-old actress is embracing being offered different roles as she gets older, especially those that don’t require her to doll herself up.

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Explaining her contentment with her content, Kate, who can currently be seen alongside Idris Elba in flick The Mountain Between Us, told Britain’s Harper’s Bazaar, “I’m honestly OK not being sent scripts anymore where the main requirement is to be easy on the eye.

“I’m loving playing women who are more worn-in because of life experience. And it takes away the pressure of needing to conform, which I’ve never been very good at anyway… I don’t want to be a person who won an Oscar and then disappeared off the face of the Earth. I want to be the person who is still here acting their socks off aged 90. And you don’t get there by being complacent.”

The blonde beauty also touched upon the expectations young women face nowadays when it comes to their looks and bodies. Kate has long been an advocate for curves and doesn’t feel the need to change her figure for anyone, but despite hourglass figures being more popular nowadays thanks to the likes of Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara, the star can still understand why the younger generation is so easily influenced.

“I do worry about the extra pressure to be ‘perfect’ on girls growing up now. I’m obsessed about the misuse and potential perils of social media for our younger generation,” Kate, who has teenage daughter Mia and sons Joe and Bear, said.

“We need to be aware of how damaging to children’s self-esteem and the natural process of growing up certain aspects of this ‘sharing’ are.”

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