Katy Perry is a sad clown on the cover of her new album

Katy Perry

Katy Perry has shared the cover of her new album, Smile, with fans.

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The Roar singer sent the image of herself looking down and fed up, while wearing a red nose, to devotees via her online newsletter, urging them to pre-order the release now.

The album, featuring the hits Daisies and Harleys in Hawaii, actually drops on August 14, 2020, around the time of another major Perry release – the birth of her first child.

Smile comes with a collection of new merchandise, including rainbow socks, T-shirts, a jigsaw, and a $20 face mask.

Meanwhile, the singer recently revealed she’s planning to take a long break following the album’s release, so she can focus on motherhood and plan her wedding to fiance Orlando Bloom.

“After my child comes, I’m going to go into my own other version of quarantine and I would like this record that I’ve been working on for two years to come out and be a gift to the public, because I think they’re all gonna be dancing in the street at some point when it’s safe,” Katy told Good Morning America.

She also admitted she started work on the new album – her fifth – when she was in a dark place two years ago, and feels the project is a kind of a rebirth.

“It’s a record about resilience and finding kinda the light at the end of the tunnel, because I’ve been writing over the past two years and in the beginning of those two years… I was kinda like clinically depressed and coming out of that and I didn’t know what my life was… and I couldn’t really imagine living, to be completely honest,” she explained.

“And now, I feel like I’ve done the work and I’m still doing the work, emotionally, spiritually, physically, psychologically and now I’ve come to this light at the end of the tunnel… I am gonna live and not only that, I’m gonna bring life into the world.”