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Keith Carradine Sues Alleged Wiretapping Villain

Actor Keith Carradine has filed a civil lawsuit against Hollywood private investigator Anthony Pellicano after discovering he was among the stars named in a wire-tapping scandal.

Carradine and his fiancée claim the actor’s ex-wife, Sandra Will Carradine, conspired with the investigator and communications company employees to illegally tape phone conversations.

In court papers, the Nashville star alleges Pellicano and his ex used “malicious and illegal tactics” to gain leverage in divorce proceedings after he split from his wife in 1993.

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The actor has hired top attorney Mark Geragos to fight his case, but his ex-wife’s lawyer feels sure a jury will sympathize with his client.

Peter Knecht says, “She was being a good mother, trying to find out how to get support for her kids. Her motives were neither evil nor sinister.”

Carradine is one of 12 people, including Sylvester Stallone and comedian Garry Shandling, who were alleged victims of Pellicano and his associates.

The investigator has been indicted on charges of illegal wiretapping.

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