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Kevin Bacon no longer feels like the joke in Six Degrees game


Kevin Bacon has learned to live with his namesake film game, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, after realizing he’s not the butt of the joke.

Three college guys came up with the idea for the game, which links celebrities to the Footloose star via their association to his co-stars, and Bacon initially refused to have anything to do with it.

“It was these three college guys in Pennsylvania,” he explains. “A movie of mine was playing, and they just started talking about it and they started playing it.

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Jon Stewart had a show and asked me to come and be on it with the guys (who started the game), and I said, ‘I’m not f**king going to that’,” the actor tells The Hollywood Reporter. I hated it because I was trying so hard to be a serious actor, and all of a sudden I was, like, a parlor game.

“I thought it was really a joke at my expense, you know? I don’t really feel that way anymore.”

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