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Kevin Costner’s Ex Speaks Out Over Masseuse Scandal

Kevin Costner‘s former girlfriend, Birgit Cunningham, has leaped to the star’s defense after hearing allegations the actor performed a lewd sex act in front of a masseuse while honeymooning in Scotland in 2004.

The blonde socialite insists the screen star, who visited the five-star Old Course Hotel spa in St. Andrews with his second wife, Christine, would never be so “vulgar.”

And Cunningham, who dated Costner during the 1990s, has suggested the therapist may have fabricated the claims after being rebuffed by the hunk.

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She says, “Kevin is very romantic and tender, he would never do anything so vulgar.

“He would be more interested in a long, loving kiss rather than the naughty bit. He really is Mr. Perfect, squeaky clean, if a little naive when it comes to realizing the effect he has on girls.

“Women are always throwing themselves at him but he hates being chased. Maybe she made an advance, was rejected and wants revenge.”

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