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Khalid Alleges He was Groped by a Fan

Khalid has alleged he was recently groped by a fan after he stopped to talk to her.

The singer-songwriter, real name Khalid Amhearst Robinson, shot to fame following the release of his debut studio album American Teen in March (17).

Khalid teamed with Imagine Dragons for a performance at the 2017 American Music Awards (AMAs) on Sunday night (19Nov17), but just a few hours later he took to Twitter to send a string of messages detailing an instance of inappropriate behavior.

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“lol (laugh out loud) I go to talk to a fan and she grabs my a*s, how f**kin old are we (sic) ???” he began, adding: “I love interacting and talking to fans but I also love respecting others so don’t disrespect me when I’m being nice.”

Khalid did not state where the incident occurred but explained that he had ignored the fans’ actions as he didn’t want to “show anger” in front of anyone. However, the 19-year-old is adamant that he will continue to interact with fans as usual.

“One s**tty person isn’t going to keep me away from anybody, I really love u guys (sic),” he said in a comment to one Twitter user, while telling another that he chose to speak about the alleged groping because “it can happen to anybody!”

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Following Khalid’s posts, a number of fans uploaded messages of support and praise.

He is the second musician to speak out over inappropriate behavior recently, with rapper Drake losing his cool at an after-party show in Sydney, Australia last Wednesday when he spotted a fan touching women in the audience without their consent.

The Hotline Bling hitmaker halted the show while he was performing Know Yourself and pointed out the man in the crowd.

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