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Kirstie Alley: ‘Scientology Couldn’t Help Me Lose Weight’

Former Cheers star and Scientology devotee Kirstie Alley has hinted the controversial religion may not be as inspirational as claimed–because it didn’t help her to diet.

The actress, who ballooned to nearly 220 pounds (100 kilograms) in 2004, was forced to seek advice from weight-loss expert Jenny Craig to help her shed her fat, despite Scientology’s claims to hold the answer to dieting.

Alley, who used the religion’s techniques to kick a cocaine habit, admits she couldn’t apply the same principles to her food addiction.

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She says, “It was different in that I developed a nutty attitude where I’d think, ‘If some guy really loves me, he doesn’t care if I’m fat.’ Or, ‘To be a good mother, you’ve got to cook and eat the food you give your kids.’

“I’d come up with all these stupid justifications and reasons why it would be okay to be fat.”

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