Kristen Bell And Ellen DeGeneres Try Out For The Spice Girls In Epic Skit

The Spice Girls recently announced that they’re doing a reunion, but looking for two members to fill Sporty Spice and Posh Spice’s absence. Who better to fill the gap than Kristen Bell and Ellen DeGeneres.

The pair got in their most Spice-a-licious outfits and filmed an epic audition tape for the British girl band. Of course, their dance moves to “Wannabe” are astounding and DeGeneres knows quite a few spice — that should be a qualification right? The pair are going by Basil Spice and Fresh Garlic Spice. All that’s missing is Tomato Spice and we’ve got ourselves a pretty decent pizza sauce.

Check out the skit above. Do you think the Spice Girls should give them a shot?

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