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Kristy Swanson: ‘I’m No Homewrecker’

Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Kristy Swanson has lashed out at reports she’s a ‘homewrecker’, following allegations she broke up pro skater Lloyd Eisler’s marriage.

Swanson and Eisler fell in love when the former Olympics hero was teaching the actress how to dance on the ice for reality show Skating With Celebrities, and the sportsman’s estranged wife Marcie claims she was dumped for her husband’s TV partner.

But Swanson insists Marcie Eisler, who was pregnant when her husband started dating the actress, isn’t being completely honest.

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She insists the TV show had finished taping when she started dating Eisler, who was then separated from his wife.

The actress says, “There was no romantic relationship while we were working. It (romance) started in November, after the show.”

But Swanson isn’t about to let the romance scandal ruin her new relationship: “Things are great and we’re really happy.”

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