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Law has not seen lovechild since birth

The 25-year-old model hit the headlines in September (09) after delivering baby Sophia, who was conceived when Burke had a brief fling with Law while he was filming new movie Sherlock Holmes in New York.

Burke admits Law has not contacted her since Sophia was born, insisting the exclusive photo session she has sold to Hello! magazine will be the actor’s first glimpse of his little girl.

But she hopes the star will make arrangements to see Sophia once he has a break from performing on Broadway in Hamlet.

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She tells the publication, “There are no plans for it to happen at the moment, but I know he is busy. Once you see her face, how can you deny it?

“She has Jude’s chin and nose, and she does a little pout that I notice he’s done before.”

Burke insists she’s desperate for Law to “be just as good as he is to his three children by Sadie Frost.”

She adds, “I think of my relationship with my father, and I think it’s just as important as your relationship with your mother. I’m very hopeful that it’ll work out, for Sophia’s sake.

“All she needs is just to know that he’s there for her if she ever needs him. He’ll fall in love with her when he sees her.”

Law has two sons, Rafferty and Rudy, as well as a daughter, Iris, with his ex-wife Frost.

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