Leonardo DiCaprio lands huge deal at Sony

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio has landed a huge new deal with Sony Pictures.

The Oscar winner and entrepreneur has teamed up with Sony boss Tom Rothman, who worked with Leo on Romeo & Juliet over two decades ago, to sign off on the first-look deal, which Variety sources claim is set to last for years.

Reports suggest DiCaprio and the company executives are already developing two movies as the ink dries on the contract.

Celebrating the big deal on Thursday (August 13, 2020), Rothman said, “I first met the supernova talented Leonardo DiCaprio over 24 years ago on Romeo and Juliet. We then shipped out together on the Titanic and my admiration for him as a fully-rounded filmmaking genius has only increased over the many years since.

“His producing and acting instincts are both driven by service to the best material in the world. At Sony, we feel like we just landed a rare GOAT (greatest of all time) deal – as Michael Jordan and Tom Brady are to basketball and football, so is Leo to film.”

Excited DiCaprio added, “For over three decades in the business, Tom has never adhered to the traditional Hollywood norms. Never once taking the safe route, he truly values filmmakers and their vision and is extremely supportive of the theatre-going experience. I could not be more excited to enter into a new phase of partnerships with Sony.”