It’s Funny ‘Cause It’s Sad: The Best Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar Memes

Leonardo DiCaprio, The Great GatsbyWarner Bros via Everett Collection

Leonardo DiCaprio may look like he has it all: the other half of Scorcese’s friendship locket; a revolving door of otherwordly Brazialian girlfriends; and the top spot on Kate Winslet’s speed dial. But as far as the internet is concerned, there’s a gaping hole in this charmed life. Leo still doesn’t have an Oscar. After Titanic, it felt like a snub. For a few years after that, the situation was curious. And now it’s so preposterous that it’s downright comical. Ever obliging, the good people on Tumblr have turned their pain and disbelief into art. Behold, the best of the Oscar hates Leonardo DiCaprio memes.

The Brutal

Most of the time, he’ll just shrug it off. But try not to catch him on a bad day.

The Animated

A spot on the awards shelf stays empty and pristine as it awaits the cool, mighty weight of Oscar.

The Lohan

At this rate, she’ll have one before he does.

The Ever-Hopeful

Should he need some advice on waiting patiently for years before being recognized for the wrong movie, his pal Marty has some pointers.

The E-Class

“Don’t ever let them see you cry, Leo. Don’t. Ever. Let. Them. See. You. Cry.”