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Lil’ Kim Claps Back at Fan Over Body Shaming Comments

Lil’ Kim has hit back at a fan who body shamed her for wearing a tight catsuit.

The rapper performed at a concert in New Jersey on Thursday evening (14Dec17), sporting a tight PVC catsuit featuring bright blocks of pink, red and blue fabric, and posted several photos of herself posing in the outfit alongside rapper Remy Ma on her Instagram page on Sunday, along with the caption: “All our clothes custom str8 (straight) from France”.


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While many followers praised Kim for donning such a bold ensemble, one fan commented that she needed the bodice customized “because you could see stomach rolls”, causing the hip-hop star to post a long message about how she was offended by the note.

“Working on it sis it’s natural most woman have it or have had it specially us woman that have kids (sic),” she wrote. “I’m human, I️ could have photoshopped it but I️ didn’t because I️ have been working out every day really hard and eating better so I️ can be the best me that I️ can possibly be it’s called growth and change.”

Kim added that she normally wouldn’t feel required to respond to a negative comment on social media.

But she wanted to appeal to other people on the photo-sharing platform who may be targeted with similar types of criticism and body shaming.

“Maybe (I can) help someone else who may feel a little self conscious about their weight gain or little rolls that show thru their clothes kno it’s ok because I’m telling the men don’t complain at all and if anyone wants to change for themselves maybe my comment will motivate them to start exercising and get healthy (sic),” she shared.

Kim concluded her message by insisting that she wasn’t hurt by mean comments and they actually give her more motivation to live a healthy lifestyle.

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