Lil Wayne On Racism: “There [Is] No Such Thing As Racism”


Oh dear. Lil Wayne just made a huge statement about the Black Lives Matter movement. When queens like Beyonce are fighting against racism and police brutality and performing emotional tributes to victims, Lil Wayne’s head is totally in the clouds (most likely the marijuana smoke clouds. You know how much he loves to tango with the devil’s lettuce).

Lil Wayne literally admitted, quite proudly, that racism does not exist — and he’s never experienced it.

The rapper stopped by the Undisputed sports show and talked to the co-host Skip Bayless about his recent concert in Westchester, New York. The rapper responded,  “The only black face you could see in the whole audience was your makeup artist.”

“I thought that was clearly a message that there was no such thing as racism,” He continued. “My crowd has always been everybody.”

Wayne attributed this to the age of his fans. He thinks millennials are very “not cool” with racism. 

“I have never…never’s a strong word. I have never, never dealt with racism, and I’m glad I didn’t have to,” he said.

First of all, just because you have never experienced something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. If a tree falls and no one is around to see it happen, does a tree still fall? Well, yeah. It does. Secondly, Wayne doesn’t have to be the victim of a hate crime to experience racism. Racist micro-aggressions are sometimes easy to miss (you write the person off as a jerk rather than a bigot), but we guarantee Wayne’s been micro-aggressed at some point, considering every living human being in any sort of minority (including racial and religious minorities and even women, who aren’t a minority at all but still face social injustice) have experienced it.

Let’s also not forget the times Wayne’s publicly said that he’s experienced racism.  In the past, the rapper said he was discriminated against at an NBA game in a dispute over courtside tickets. In 2014, he bashed Donald Sterling over racist remarks. 

Maybe Wayne’s the kind of person to forgive and forget. In this case, he really, really must’ve forgotten.

Check out the clip of Lil Wayne’s interview below.

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