Lili Reinhart to release book of poems


Riverdale star Lili Reinhart is venturing into the literary world as the author of a book of poems.

The actress took to Instagram on Tuesday (October 8, 2019) to share the exciting news with fans, revealing the collection, Swimming Lessons, will tackle issues like young love, anxiety, depression, fame, and heartbreak.

“One year ago, I decided I wanted to share my poetry with the world,” she writes. “It’s scary to reveal a part of myself that I don’t often show, but I like to consider this book as more of a story rather than a confession of thought.

“Strangers, songs, films, fictional characters, love in various forms, and of course my own experiences were my inspiration throughout the creation of Swimming Lessons. This book means a lot to me and I’m very grateful to be in the position to finally share it.”

The 23 year old has been open about her love of poetry, running a Tumblr page dedicated to her writing, and sharing a heartfelt piece for boyfriend and co-star Cole Sprouse in August (2019).

Swimming Lessons will be available from May 5, 2020.