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Lindsay Lohan ‘Disowns’ Father

Actress/singer Lindsay Lohan has severed ties with her troubled father Michael because his “self-destructive” behaviour is too much to bear.

The 19-year-old star confesses she has no intention of getting in touch with her substance-abusing dad–who is currently serving time in upstate New York’s Collins Correctional Facility.

She says, “He’s very self-destructive and it’s very difficult to deal with someone who has so much anger and bitterness.

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“There were so many times in the past where he would just disappear for several days and make us worry and go frantic wondering what was going on.

“He’s out of all of our lives now, and that’s the way it must be.”

Lohan recently vented her family anguish on her “Confessions of a Broken Heart” music video, thought to be aimed at her abusive father.

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